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Holidays and store hours

At the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität there are no classes or courses between December 24 and January 6. For Semester dates please see the LMU site Kommende Vorlesungszeiten (upcoming lecture periods: beginning and ending).

In addtion to the national holidays, there are many holidays in Munich that are specific to Bavaria. Store hours may be somewhat different in Munich than other German cities.

In general, stores (such as grocery stores) are open until 8pm (20:00) and closed on Sundays and holidays. Bank hours usually have even more limited hours, often closing mid-day. Public transportation, restaurants and some other services may have a limited schedule on Sundays or holidays.

Bavarian Holidays 2014 2015
New Year’s Day 01.01. 01.01.
Epiphany 06.01. 06.01.
Good Friday Easter 18.04. 03.04.
May Day or Labour Day 01.05. 01.05.
Ascension Day (always Thursday) 29.05. 14.05.
Whit Monday 09.06. 25.05.
Corpus Christi (always Thursday) 19.06. 04.06.
The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary 15.08. 15.08.
German Unity Day 03.10. 03.10.
All Saints' Day 01.11. 01.11.
Christmas Day 25.12. 25.12.
Boxing Day 26.12. 26.12.